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Ladies and Gentleman, I am sure that by now you have all heard about the horrific events that are going on in and around our Nations Capital. 13 people have been gunned down by two people within the past two weeks, and costing the lives of ten of those people. As hate is a growing problem in this nation, and in this world, I ask that we all come together and pray for the victims and their families. Please pray for them, and I am sure that they will soon see that God will provail and once again we can live in peace. Thank you.



Renovation in Progress

Operation: OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown is under major renovation at the current moment. We are making an effort to make this organization more user friendly, as well as make it to where we are not targeting such web sites as OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown as much. Our goal as an organization is make this web site more of an awareness site that talks about different political topics, not just freedom of speech. In an effort to make Operation World a huge success, we are going to touch on topics that we had not planned in the past, such as hatred, the death penalty, current events, and of course freedom of speech. Another one of our goals is to be a good resource for people doing research on such topics. As we grow as an online community, we are going to be a great site for people of all ages. So please come and join us as we try and make this the best web site on the internet!! For a while there will be many broken graphics on our site, due to the fact that we are going to be removing many of the graphics on our site, as well adding more in. This site may be very unorganized for the months to come, but be certain that when this site is done, you will be very impressed with the amount of work that we are putting forth for this site. We thank you for coming, and we also thank you for the great support.

Rev. Jorge Pitaki







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America the Beautiful?

Welcome to Operation: OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown. This is an organization that is dedicated to maintaining freedom of speech on the internet. We have designed this web site to combat other organizations that are attempting to strip us of these priviledges, such as OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown, and Jim Carlson. OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown is an organization that is trying to censor anyone or anything that does not believe the same things they do. Their goal is to destroy the freedom of speech that the Constitution of the United States guarantees us. For some reason, they feel it is their duty to rid the internet of the so called hate that Landover Baptist spreads throughout the internet community. But what they do not know is that what they are doing is contradicted what they believe. They want to shut the organization down, because of the hate and Anti-Christian propaganda that the web site supposedly promotes. And yet, OBJECTIVE: is hating on Landover Baptist, and trying to silence them. People, you need to understand that Landover Baptist is a parody, a joke, they mean no harm to people, the only thing they want is for people to go to their site, and have a good laugh. The only reason that OBJECTIVE: is fighting them, is because the creators and members of the organization are exactly like that, extremists that translate the Bible in anyway they feel fit, just as the terrorists in Al-Qaida do, and did on September 11, 2001....although, they translated the Koran in anyway they felt necessary. The Bible and Christianity teaches love and compassion, even for your enemies, but OBJECTIVE: has no love for their enemies, they hate their enemies, and it is seen on their web site. But, before you go on, we want you to know that in no way is Operation: OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown trying to shutdown or silence OBJECTIVE: but instead, we are trying to show them that what they are doing, and what they are believing is wrong in our eyes. To help in our fight against this sadistic web site, please e-mail us, and become a member of Operation: OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown today. Or to learn more about what we stand for, go to our About Us page. If you still need more information, or have any questions, please leave a private message in our guestbook. Thank you for coming, and please sign our guestbook to leave a message. God Bless all of you!!


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DUE TO THE BUGBEAR WORM, Operation: OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown will not be accepting e-mails to our web site. ALL E-MAILS WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT BEING OPENED - NO EXCEPTIONS.....If you need to get in contact with us, please post it in our guestbook. All membership applications will be taken through the guestbook until further notice. If you do not want other people to see, please make it a private entry, and only the webmaster will be able to see it. Again, we will no longer be accepting e-mails.


<9/12/2002> Web site opens for business

First e-mail sent to Jim Carlson telling him about our declaration of war on his site.

<9/15/2002> Still no response from Jim Carlson

Second phase of Operation World begun - Operation: No More Hatred

Advertising Banner Created:

This web site will be updated often with new things being added daily, so check back often, and don't forget to sign our guestbook. Look forward to meeting with all of you.

<9/16/2002> Secret Alliance Created

Web site partially updated: Breaking News story posted

Merge talks between New Outreach Organization and Operation World Begin

New Name (Operation: Protect Freedom) begins consideration

<10/7/2002> Web sites e-mail address shutdown for time being, as threat of BugBear increases

<10/28/2002> New Web site named 'America the Beautiful?'

<10/28/2002> Web site broken down into three phases.

PHASE 1 - New Outreach Organization Web site - Depression Awareness
opening December 2002

PHASE 2 - Christianity Web site
opening January 2003

PHASE 3 - America the Beautiful - Political Issues discussed and debated
opening February 2003

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Please note that this organization is in no means trying to censor anyone. As we stated, we are only trying to show everyone that you can not censor people, it is wrong, and that is not what this nation stands for. If you don't like Landover Baptist, then don't go to it, just like if you don't like a store or a restuarant, you just don't go to it.