Operation: Objective: Landover Baptist Shutdown is an organization that is going to dedicate itself to stop other "organizations" from silencing other people's words and opinions, such as those of Objective: Landover Baptist Shutdown. As strong human rights activists, we believe that every person has the right to Speak their opinions. We would not be targeting Objective: Landover Baptist Shutdown if it wasn't for the simple fact that they are trying to shutdown a web site that is expressing their opinion, if it is even their opinion. Many years ago, the webmaster had a talk with Harry Hardwick. Harry explained to him that many of the writers of Landover Baptist are actually Christians, and some are even Baptists. So, they mean no harm by the web site. The main point of their site is to make people laugh. Every American in the United States has a right to speak what is on their mind, without fear of being shot, or killed by the government. So, why does Objective: Landover Baptist Shutdown feel they can censor what we can and can not see. My following statement is a what we think, and not a judgement...there is a difference. I think that the people of Objective: Landover Baptist Shutdown are false Christians. We are true Christians, we pray to God every night for his love and for his strength. In the Bible it states to even love your enemy. By Objective: Landover Baptist Shutdown attempting to shut LB down, does that show love? No, we think it shows hate. Objective: Landover Baptist Shutdown needs to be taught that what they are doing is wrong, they can not silence our word, nor can they silence anyone else's word. We say as true Christians to keep going to Landover Baptist, support them, love them, and laugh at them. Landover is a web site that is there to make you feel better, to lighten your day. What they say may not be true, but it is close to the truth, just exaggerated quite a bit. May all of you have a nice day!! God Bless all of you.

P.S. We are not trying to shutdown Objective: Landover Baptist Shutdown!

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