Ladies and Gentleman, I am sure that by now you have all heard about the horrific events that are going on in and around our Nations Capital. 12 people have been gunned down by one or more people within the past few weeks, and costing the lives of nine of those people. As hate is a growing problem in this nation, and in this world, I ask that we all come together and pray for the victims and their families, and pray that the person/people responsible for this ungodly act can be brought to justice at once so the people in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas can live in peace and harmony once again. I pray to God that no more people will be hurt or wounded by these evil men. Please pray for them, and I am sure that they will soon see that God will provail and once again we can live in peace. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving, on this page, you can learn more about what this web site stands for, and who is involved in the web mastering of this web site. My name is Zach, I am 19 years old and live in a fairly large city outside of St. Louis, Missouri. I currently attend the local community college, and plan on going into law. I am also getting an associates degree in Spanish, as well as psychology. I am a very opinionated person, but I am very open minded as well. I am a caring friend that likes to help friends, and other people. I am also proud to say that I am a Christian. In my spare time other than designing web sites, I enjoy doing normal teenage stuff. And, I love learning about current events, talking and learning about politics, and I love to debate. But please do not discredit me just because I am a teenager. I know what I am doing here.

America the Beautiful? is designed to show people my opinion on different subjects, such as the death penalty, our justice system in general, abortion, and censorship. Since people have the right to their opinion, I am also going to design this web site to allow other people to debate my topics, and my subjects in a mature fashion. Eventually, I am going to have a chatroom that will have topic chats. Operation: OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown can be found on my censorship page. Rev. Jorge Pitaki has given me permission to take over his site, as long as I allow him to preach about this hateful web site trying to censor other people's opinions. So, this web site's goal is to show people my opinion on topics, and show what other people think of the topic, as well as ty and persuade people to think that what I am saying is right....although, I am NOT by anymeans saying that my opinion is the right opinion, because as we all know there are no right or wrong opinions. This web site is powered by you people, so debate your hearts out. Thank you for coming.

Created: October 21, 2002
Updated: October 21, 2002

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